Saturday, March 14, 2009

New School Dandy Profile: Max Wastler

Over the past several months we have been introduced to many amazing people through our Facebook fan page. With this post I'm beginning a regular series of profiles of New School Dandies, beginning with blogger Max Wastler of All Plaidout.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri.

Where do you live now? I live in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York.

Where did you go to school? I went to school in Greencastle, Indiana. A small liberal arts college called DePauw University.

What’s your occupation? I am an assistant development editor at a company that produces books on fashion and interior design.

When did you establish your personal style? Was there a pivotal moment? How has it changed? When I was three years old, I came downstairs in dark green corduroy pants, a navy blue polo shirt, and my navy blue E.T. running shoes were on the wrong feet. That was the first time I dressed myself. I've been interested in clothes and dressing well ever since.

How would you describe your style? Rugged Professorial. If I was your English professor, I'd be the one who had a stint on the rodeo circuit for one season, followed that up with a year on the Gold Coast, worked Summit County Ski Patrol over Christmas break, and owned a house in Colorado. Tweed, elbow patches, tattersall, plaids, OCBD, corduroy, moleskin, denim, cowboy boots, workwear, board shorts. Casual.

What are your sources of inspiration? 1) My dad. 2) Movies. Hands down. I started dressing like Robert Redford the moment I was buying my own clothes.

Who is your style icon? Ralph Lauren.

What are your preferred dandy reading materials? I've gotten in the habit lately of buying the oldest books on manners I can find. And like Sarah Palin, I read all the newspapers and periodicals. All of them.

Do you have a favorite website? A Continuous Lean.

What is your favorite personal item (non-clothing/accessories)? The one thing I'd grab in a fire: the engraved Swiss Army Knife my parents gave me as a five-year-old. A week after giving it to me, they took it away. I cut myself. They gave it back on my sixth birthday.

What is your favorite clothing article or accessory? Shoes. I have a long list of boots I would like to own at some point in time.

Where is your favorite or dream vacation spot? Breckenridge, Colorado.

At which establishments would you consider yourself a regular?
P.J. Clarke's, Freeman's, Blueberry Hill in St. Louis.

What will you be doing ten years from now? Raising my adorable, rambunctious children alongside my beautiful, loving, and very patient wife.

What else do you want to tell us? Clothing, in particular menswear, is meant to be worn. Collectors are all fine and good, but I buy clothes to wear them. Wear them out.


(photo: Porter Hovey)
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Anonymous said...

Great article! Very cool idea, especially with ole Max here.

Ca said...

The last quote is so true. Wear your clothes, don't just buy and keep them. No point at all.

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