Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dandy Accessory: Spats

A year ago this week we introduced our line of spats. We had no idea if anyone would buy them but we thought they would be a unique item to offer our customers. The response has been terrific. On several occasions we've sold out and the gentleman who makes them for us here in New York City has had a hard time keeping up with us. We received our new batch just as the holiday pop-up shop began. This time around, in addition to our original styles of Grey and Heather Grey, we added Burgundy. And in fact after posting pop-up shop photos after our first day we had two different customers who spotted the new burgundy spats in the photos and contacted us to inquire. We also added a larger size. To be honest, we've been really surprised how well this niche item has sold, both online and at the pop-up. Hmmm, what color should we do next?

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Anonymous said...

Of course, the next colour would be white! I must congratulate you for your challenge and the result: all it makes me very happy.
Allow me to ask you something: I am Spanish, and I have been looking for an old-made pair of spats long ago. Could it be possible to you to sell me a pair?
Already, thanks for all, and apologies for my rude English' expression;
David Arg├╝elles M. said...

David, we ship internationally off of our web site: Some of the colors are sold out but we should be restocking next month.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's amazingly great! I hope to buy a pair as soon as I save enough to do it. Finally, are you going to make them in white colour?
Best wishes;
D.A.M.yingdsto69 said...

David, we don't currently do them in white. Perhaps in the future.

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