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Guest Dandy: Ray Frensham's Predictions For 2012

Our friend Ray Frensham provides us some insight for the upcoming year in part three of his year end review:

Predictions for 2012 – (I do stress these are MY predictions).

2012 for us here in London will mean two things: the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (Huzzah!) and the Olympics (groan).

If the Jubilee (June 2-5) is anything like last year’s Royal Wedding or William and Kate, it will be a time when it actually feels good to live in this country again (for the four days anyway).

The Olympics will be another matter: chaos on the public transport systems as they collapse, breakdowns, traffic jams, raging angry crowds in the steaming hot in a country where we haven’t yet heard of air-conditioning.

Plus, let me unveil now (with nods to last year’s riots) the NEW British Olympic Logo. 

(I’ve also heard we plan to bring in a new event: Competitive Rioting). To be honest, those of us residents who have any sanity will be leaving the country during the three weeks of the Olympics (July/August).

But let’s look on the bright side and to my Predictions for 2012: Things that will be – in MY opinion (I do stress that) – the Next Big Thing.

1 - Papal Socks

Throw out those Red socks (sooo last yesterday), welcome: Papal Pink – it’s the new red.

I found mine in some Outlet Store in Pennsylvania last year and started buying up more and more of these coloured socks (some call them Raspberry, others Cerise) ...and then I found Gammarelli, the Pope’s vestments suppliers in Rome, courtesy of Luca (see my previous blog).

So for the real deal, get hold of their Raspberry socks by Mazarin (a subsidiary of Gammarelli). They’re not cheap (about $25 a pop) and the company have no web presence, so actually finding the right distributor is a real quest (best of luck). But you just know it won’t be long before copyists out there will be making them cheaper.

And fyi, the ones in the picture are mid-calf length but the Mazarin socks are full Over the Calf.

2 - SuitJamas

Courtesy of the writers of How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson had a dream about them and, lo, someone in Australia decided to create them: the SuitJamas. In beautiful silver grey satin, this 4-piece (shirt, tie, pants and jacket) ensemble is a Must for all suit-and-tie fans out there.

The only drawback is I daren’t do anything in bed for fear I might crease my jacket. (Yes, I bought them as soon as I saw them in November). AND you can wear them outdoors too.

3 - Leather Thumb Snood

Matt thinks I’ve completely lost the plot with this one, but I genuinely think this could be The fashion accessory of 2012. Michael Jackson had his diamante glove, why can’t I have my leather ...thing / cover / sheath / snood / whatever.

The important thing of course, is Not to have a damaged thumb. It’s purely a fashion accessory. A friend mentioned it was “rather Steampunk”, whatever that is. I just think its quirky.

All it needs is for someone like Sean Combs to wear one at an Awards ceremony or one of the kids from Glee to wear one (Kurt?) on tv and suddenly Whooosh!, we’ll All be wanting them. Just you watch, Matt.

4 - Burgundy Spats

When I mentioned to Matt, earlier last year, I wanted made up a pair of Burgundy Spats (to go with my navy blue suits), little did I think he would actually go ahead and Do it...but he did.

...And there they were in their pop-up shop in December... Matt, you know my size (XL)...the order is ON!

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Turling said...

On our way to Heathrow right before New Year's, the cabbie was telling me that cabs have been banned from working during the Olympics. Something about BMW sponsorship and they asked the cabs to switch to provided BMW's instead. His company men are all going on holiday during that time, as well.

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