Monday, June 27, 2011

Dandy Style Icon: Fred Astaire

In interviews I'm frequently asked if I have any style icons and I always answer that Fred Astaire tops the list. As a child I was engrossed by Fred Astaire movies and the many hours I spent watching them were probably partially responsible for shaping my personal style as an adult. Sure, Astaire was a snappy dresser. Usually a flower on his lapel, often in a suit if not a tux, impeccably put together even when dressed casually. But it wasn't just about the clothes. He had a sophistication about him that made him that much more stylish. Here are a few favorite photos illustrating his iconic status. Who are your style icons?

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Robby Cress said...

I agree, Fred Astaire is definitely one of the sharpest dressers and one of my style icons too. I love in the Technicolor films Astaire did you can see how often matched the color of his socks with the color of his sweaters.

Another of my style icons, not just because of his dress, but his poise and sophistication, is Don Ameche. He carried himself in a classy way.

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