Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dandy Finds: The Tie Selector

Some time ago I found this gadget on ebay and the folks visiting our pop-up shops have gotten a real kick out of it. The idea that this little low-tech gizmo would solve the color-coordinating dilemmas of the average guy is kind of funny. Looking at it however we see that we often break "the rules" in putting together an outfit. We love mixing unexpected colors, patterns, and textures. To us, that's what makes getting dressed exciting each day. Sometimes it works. Sometimes, not so much. Do you follow "the rules"?

Suit: Brown
Shirt: Tan, Green, or White
Tie: Brown, Green, or Tan

Suit: Grey
Shirt: Grey & Black, Blue & Green, or White
Tie: Maroon & Red, Grey & Black, Green

Suit: Navy or Blue
Shirt: Blue, Grey, or White
Tie: Navy & Blue, Maroon & Red, or Grey

Suit: Black
Shirt: Grey, Green, or White
Tie: Black & Grey, Green, or Maroon & Red

Suit: Tan
Shirt: Brown & Tan, Green, or White
Tie: Brown, Green, or Tan
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