Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dandy Accessories: Collar Bobs

I picked these up recently on ebay, mostly because I had never heard of them and wasn't really sure what they were for. My quick google search was unsuccessful but they seem to fasten your collar to your shirt. Anyone come across them before?

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Susan Winton said...

I believe these were used on shirts with attachable collars. The flat part went against your skin and the 'bob' went through the 'button hole' in the shirt to hold it on. Then the neck 'tie' covered it! Hope this helps!

Larissa said...

Collar-bobs arrived on the market in the 1940s and, after rapidly declining sales due to the change in men's fashion, became the subject of contentious litigation in Texas.
See: Schoenberg v. Forrest, 228 S.W.2d 556 (Tex. Civ. App. 1950) and
Schoenberg v. Forrest, 253 S.W.2d 331 (Tex. App. 1952)

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