Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dapper Men In Print: GQ

GQ's October issue features the article How To Be A Well-Dressed, Well-Mannered, Well-Spoken 21st Gentleman: 66 Rules, Tips, And Secrets For Living -And Looking- Like A Civilized Man. The dandiest rules:

#1 Embrace The Pocket Square - So you've got on a perfectly tailored blazer and your current favorite tie. Guess what? So does the next guy. Try distinguishing yourself...with a pocket square. Choose a cotton, linen, or silk one and arrange it according to your comfort level.

#6 Hit The Links - Ever been to a wedding and noticed that some guys actually look sloppier when dressed up? The fact is, you can be dudded to the nines and still look a mess if you get the details wrong - namely the hardware. For an upscale event, wear french cuffs secured with simple gold or silver cuff links.

#36 Use Your Head - Maybe you've noticed that for the first time in decades, men are wearing hats. And maybe you want to get in on it. But will it be a fedora, a trilby, a porkpie, or a bowler? You've got a lot of options. GQ's guide to buying a hat.

#55 Getting On The Plane Isn't An Excuse To Look Like A Schlub - Dress comfortably but stylishly.
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