Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dandies Online: BurdaStyle

Through my Google alerts I came across an article on BurdaStyle entitled Men's Fashion: The Most Endangered List. I was a bit shocked by their list of men's items on the way out:

1) Sock garters - Our sock garter business is huge and getting better all the time. We don't really understand it since sock garters aren't really a practical accessory (for the last 50 years or so socks stay up pretty well on their own).

2) Smoking jackets - Perhaps true. Maybe more of a nostalgic item for those who own one.

3) Bow ties - Um, really? Bow ties have seen an enormous resurgence over the past few years.

4) Spats - We started offering our own line of authentic spats at the beginning of the year. Niche market? Of course. But the response has been great and sales have been surprisingly strong.

5) Straw hats - There seems to have been a recent revival in men's hats, including straw hats. We offered a boater this summer and it sold out almost immediately in early June. When we contacted our manufacturer to reorder we learned that it was back ordered until the fall because it was so popular.

6) Suspenders - This is one on the list that I would argue has always remained popular, and probably always will.

7) Jock straps - Yup, they're probably right.

It's funny, you'd think that this list was written decades ago. The smoking jacket on it's way out? It hasn't really been in since the 50's! In fact, many on this list have seen a revival in the last few years with the menswear renaissance. Perhaps we should make our own endangered list. What do you think is on the way out in terms of menswear?
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