Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finding Dandy: New Haven

Last week for the first time we found ourselves in New Haven (home of Yale prepdom), and of course happened to bring a camera along.

 Phil's. Gotta love an old-school barber shop.

Imagine our delight when we saw this guy in his bow tie and Yale sweater across the street. Jermaine is a 1st year history major and gave us a tip on where to find good vintage in town, Fashionista (but he made us promise not to buy up all of the bow ties). No bow ties for us at Fashionista but we did find a cool old shoe shine box.

Opening Soon: the new Gant Campus Store.

The original J. Press store which had an incredible collection of old-school university memorabilia.
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1 comment:

Newburgh Restoration said...

Oh my gosh, the guy with the shorts and sweater is a super HOTTIE!

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