Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dandy Advertising: Hart Schaffner Marx 1910

This style book is exactly 100 years old, and yet we would wear most everything inside (although we were a bit taken by the rather boxy cut throughout).  Also, even though it is the spring/summer collection, we think  it is quite appropriate for fall (with a couple exceptions), no?


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Mark Davids said...

Thank you for posting. This is my favorite style. I dress daily like this.

Laurence John said...

it's hard to find good period photographic evidence of this type of cut, and i'm sure the proportions were exaggerated in the illustrations. but still, the big boxy jackets and tapered trousers seem wildly unflattering and they were often augmented with gimmicky pocket flaps and cuffs. seems it was a brief fashion moment that never caught on, somewhat like the 'jazz suit' which followed not long after (1919).

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