Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dandy Advertising: The Arrow Collar Man

There probably wasn't a fictional character in the last century more synonymous with men's style than the Arrow Collar Man.  Cluett Peabody & Company of Troy, New York, the manufacturer of Arrow Collars, ran the Arrow Collar Man ad campaign from 1905-1931.  A bulk of the advertising was provided by J.C. Leyendecker who was also well known for his Saturday Evening Post covers and Kuppenheimer ads.  In putting this post together we found it very interesting the number of ads that were clearly not by Leyendecker that ran at the same time as Leyendecker ads, however bore little resemblance.

The Leyendecker ads:
From the January, 1926 program for the Gaiety Theatre.

From the September 16, 1916 Literary Digest.

From the November, 1927 program for Chanin's 46th Street Theatre.

From the October 24, 1914 Literary Digest.

From the October, 1922 program for the National Theatre.

From the October, 1924 program of the Republic Theatre.

From the March, 1923 program for the Times Square Theatre.

From the April, 1927 program for Charnin's 46th Street Theatre.

Store display, date unknown.

From The Saturday Evening Post, date unknown.

From the Review Of Reviews, date unknown.

From the January, 1927 program of the Little Theatre.

From the February, 1928 program of Erlanger's Theatre.

The non-Leyendecker ads:

From the April 1, 1927, program for the Knickerbocker Theatre.

From the February, 1926 program for the 48th Street Theatre.

From McClure's Magazine, date unknown.

American Magazine, 1909.

From The American Magazine, date unknown.

From the October, 1909 The World's Work Magazine

From The American Magazine, date unknown.

From the December, 1923 program for Jolson's 59th Street Theatre.

From McClure's Magazine, date unknown.

From McClure's Magazine, date unknown.
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