Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is It Fall Yet?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s been a great summer. We’ve taken advantage of several roof top events, lawn parties, outdoor festivals, etc. We’ve enjoyed eating and drinking al fresco. We’ve worn our seersucker and linen, moccasins and boat shoes. We’ve gotten more use out of our short suits than any other year. And yet I am SO ready for fall. As much as I’ve enjoyed the summer, it’s been rough. It’s been a historically hot one and for those of us living in the urban jungle of New York City, that can be rather unpleasant (you know what I mean if you’ve waited on a subway platform on a 90+ degree day). It’s a challenge to look dapper when you can feel the sweat dripping off your back seconds after getting dressed. My feet are a disaster, blistered and sliced up from going sockless all summer. I’m tired of putting on sun block every morning (I know, I should use sun block year-round).

And yet, I’m ready for fall just because it’s my favorite time of year. I’ve always said that fall is the season of the dandy. Time to pull out the tweed and flannel. I love me some sweaters both lightweight and chunky. I am much more likely to wear hats and caps in colder weather simply because of the necessity. I always love the first cold day of fall when I wrap a wool scarf around my neck, just enough to keep out the chill.

However, there seems to be a mentality that shifts after Labor Day. Back to work. No more summer Fridays. Vacation is over. I remember as a child dreading it because that meant returning to school. I’ve been amused that I continue to maintain that mentality as an adult working year-round. Therefore, I officially declare the continuation of the care-free summer spirit through mid-November, right on time for the beginning of the holiday season. There are plenty of fun fall activities: apple picking, flea markets, football games. Let’s enjoy them (in style of course)!

Dreaming of fall...
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Jean Laplante said...

» I’ve always said that fall is the season of the dandy.

Well said, my opinion also. Good post, thanks!

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