Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Etiquette For The Modern Classicist

Sergei Sviatchenko of Close Up And Private shared with us a piece he had published in Euroman this month: Etiquette For The Modern Classicist, A Loosely Compiled List Of Scrupulous Style Cues For Gentlemen.  With his permission we're reprinting it for our readers.

1. Slim cut suits with short legged trousers go a long way.

2. Buy a pair of wingtips and loafers.

3. The Beatles sir, listen to them – and do so regularly.

4. Owning at least 3 oxford shirts has never done a man any harm.

5. Be a gentleman towards women.

6. Own several ties – n.b. four-in-hand knots only – mix things up with a bow tie.

7. Watch all movies by Andrei Tarkovsky. Re-watch them.

8. Always consider a well-fitting navy blazer with gold buttons.

9. Serge Gainsbourg looked smart in a trench coat and so do you.

10. Own a classic cashmere v-neck and a round-neck pull-over.

11. Khaki chino trousers are as essential as they are basic. Choose your pair meticulously.

12. Cherish a good relationship with your parents.

13. Sometimes looking at a nice black and white picture of your grandfather as a young man wearing his Sunday-suit can teach you more about classic style than reading 20 fashion magazines.

14. A watch – you do own one don't you? - should be flat, vintage, and have a leather band.

15. Be punctual.

16. Ray Ban sunglasses matter.

17. Stay current.

18. Trust the classics.

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Monkey Suit Vintage said...

Great blog! I love your shop.

Anonymous said...

i heartily enjoyed this post. you have some great pictures here too. nice work there.


shirts for women said...

I also enjoyed this post. Another style cue could be:

19. Keep your diary free for a day at the Polo.

Bob said...

If we must listen to the Beatles, we should follow the advice of James Bond (another man who knew a thing or two about style): listen through ear muffs.

The High Heel Times said...

I love this post, excellent!

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