Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guest Dandy: Flower Power

This is the first in a series of posts from guest blogger, Will Eagle.

With the onset of summer and the blooming of flowers in the garden, and some inspiration from this recent post we took a look at the wearing of flowers as a Dandy Detail. Don’t be a shrinking violet when it comes to wearing a flower in your lapel; simply think of it as another option to add some detail along with or in place of a pocket square or to complement your choice of tie.

Flowers are most often worn for special occasions like weddings where the Bride’s choice is in effect, but you don’t need an occasion to wear a flower as every day presents an opportunity to sport a bloom. During the day, if you’re in a traditional working environment, perhaps give a nod to British bankers with a red carnation with your pinstripe suit, or if you’re in a more informal space, pick something seasonal and personal to you and apply it to a casual jacket. Consider a Zinnia, a daisy like flower mainly from Mexico that comes in a variety of striking colors and patterns, and remember that something less showy or traditional will help avoid a wedding party look. A simple deep purple ‘Bachelor’s Button’ (Cornflower) or a small Chrysanthemum (often referred to as ‘Mums’) are light hearted picks for a tan or cream summer suit for an evening event.

I ran into this gentleman only this morning outside of College Park in Toronto (Yonge St & College St), who said “I like to think of flowers as men’s jewelry” and that he wore a flower in summer every day. His yellow daisy beautifully matches his bow tie and pocket square.

When choosing, look for something easy to wear, that is, something easy to pin on and not so heavy that it will droop significantly throughout the day. Closed buds tend to stay in shape and look fresher for longer than an already open larger blossom, which is why roses and carnations tend to be the most popular choices. Use the preservative solution from a florist (the kind you normally get attached to any bouquets, even gas store fare) to soak the flower a few hours beforehand to keep it fresher for longer and when you’re ready, pin the stem to your lapel ensuring you use your buttonhole to accommodate the base of the flower.

What’s your favorite flower to wear?

Will Eagle is a British Dandy residing in Toronto and his current flower of choice is an Aster. You can follow him on Twitter @willeagle.
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Brian "Brain" Tyler said...

white carnations. . .sometimes color tipped to match my tie. . .

Anonymous said...

Sea holly or bachelor's button are the best butthonhole flowers, IMHO.

Gentleman's Gazette said...

Nice article! I like to wearminiature carnations.

In case you do not have a loop in the back of your lapel, take a look at my article where I explain how to do a bouttoniere loop yourself.

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