Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Family (Dandy) Jewels Part 2

Last month I wrote about a box of jewelry I had inherited from various male family members.  My mother visited again this weekend and brought a few more treasures.

A money clip with a dolphin inlay.

Unengraved engravable cufflinks.

A "G" tie pin.

A pocket knife with mother-of-pearl (one piece missing on each side). Marked D. Peres, Solingen, Germany.

I acquired another one of these as mentioned in my previous post.  I still can't figure out what it is.  It's marked Wizard.  The part on the left swivels and is decorative.  The right side is a clip.  Any ideas?

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Blair said...

Apparently the Wizard was used to hold sleeves up and as this blog implies, to hold playing cards up sleeves! said...

So interesting Blair! An anonymous comment was left today on the original post indicating the Wizard was used for holding napkins. Perhaps it had several uses? Thanks for the info!

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