Sunday, December 27, 2009

New School Dandy Profile: Dandy Wellington

Over the past year we have been introduced to many amazing people in the virtual world of blogs and social networking. With this post we continue a regular series of profiles of New School Dandies. This week we feature Dandy Wellington of the blog A New York Dandy.

Where did you grow up? Born and Raised in New York City. Manhattan.

Where do you live now? Uptown Manhattan.

Where did you go to school? New York University, Tisch School of the Arts.

What’s your occupation? Producer of events (Music, Fashion, Art etc.), Fashion Stylist, Choreographer, Performer, Blogger.

When did you establish your personal style? Was there a pivotal moment? How has it changed? It's been a work in progress for years now. I went to private schools so I've grown accustom to dressing fairly business casual for a long time. I always wanted to take it further. In High School I would move my fashion game past the required dress code as much as possible. Finally in college though I relaxed my look, I sharpened and sharpened it till it became this. I think I had to strip it all down in order to really get to the core of my personal style. The pivotal moment was probably my junior year of college. I began to really establish my look as a gentleman and furthermore as a Dandy.

How would you describe your style? I am a Dandy. Detail oriented and distinctly gentlemanly in appearance from head to toe. From the sock garters and pocket squares to bow ties and braces, I never leave my house without looking Dandy.

What are your sources of inspiration? Besides a background of dress codes, I have been inspired largely by the Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. Though their characters are very different, (Fred being the gentleman and almost dandy and Gene, the working everyman and a lot more rugged) both had a sharpness that could only be found in the Jazz and movie musical era.

Who are your style icons? Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Beau Brummel.

What are your preferred dandy reading materials? I love to keep up with everything fashion related whether men's or women's fashion. So I read V Magazine, V Man, Numero, W, 10 Men, New York Times Magazine. Sunday Style etc. I also like to review the classics. Great Expectations, Little Women etc.

Do you have a favorite website?,,,

What is your favorite personal item (non-clothing/accessories)? My Blackberry, my computer, my music collection and picture of my friends.

What is your favorite clothing article or accessory? All my accessories make me really happy. Hats, bow ties, pocket squares, braces, sock garters, pocket watches, tie clips, collar clips, cufflinks, and spats. The right accessory can make an look.

Where is your favorite or dream vacation spot? Paris, London, Milan, Hong Kong, Japan. All places with a strong history of fashion and culture.

Tell us the best kept secret in your city. There are so many but one is that New Yorkers are inherently kind people.

At which establishments would you consider yourself a regular? The Smith, Cafe Habana, Fabulous Fanny's, Archangel, Duane Park, Pravda, Metropolis.

What would you be doing ten years from now? Producing more events, choreographing for more artists, Growing a stronger Eschelon.

What is your current obsession? Dress shirts, frock coats, plus fours and watch fobs.

Currently inspired by? Ralph Lauren's Women's and Men's collection, Tom Ford, Sherlock Holmes.

Currently annoyed with? Men who refuse to dress well. "Tuck in your shirt!!! Clean it up already" and women with low standards. Also Uggs...the leading cause of abstinence.

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The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

I love coming by and seeing what you have done. I hope you had a lovely holiday. Every happiness to you in the new year.
Warmest regards,
Simone. said...

Thanks Simone!

Maria Tavares said...

Coolest men ever!!! :D

Dandy Wellington said...

thanks for this post guys. It's always good to recognized by folks as dandy as you.


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