Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Haberdashery Finds: Sock Garters Box

I just bought this Paragon Garters box on ebay. Unfortunately the garters weren't included. This summer we added sock garters to our shop and were pleasantly surprised by their popularity. Do you own sock garters? If so why? As a novelty? Do they serve a functional purpose?

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Kelly Desmond Bray said...

I'm a Paris Garters man myself, for both form AND function. As far as the eternal question of double grip versus single grip, I say try them both and see what fits you. I prefer a Double grip as it adds another point of contact at the sock, thereby adding another soldier in the never-ending battle between my gigantic calves and my beleaguered socks. Plus I think they look cooler.
Keep it up, Gents!

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