Monday, July 20, 2009

What The Man Will Wear: The Straw Boater

From the "What The Man Will Wear" column of the Liberty Theatre program dated April 1, 1929:

"Those atrabilious persons who affect to see 'the passing of the straw hat' are simply setting up men of straw and knocking them down. It is quite true that the light felt hat has made some inroads latterly upon the straw, but almost wholly at sports. The straw hat as an article of fashion and comfort and as a welcome seasonal change will be on top long after its too eager mourners are mouldering in forgotten graves."

As evident from the New York Times yesterday, the straw hat is receiving a bit of a revival. Will the straw boater be part of it?

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Anonymous said...

Hell yes it will! I proudly wear my boater whenever I'm out in town & get countless compliments. The Boater is the undisputed King of Straw Hats

Jersey Boy said...

The new movie The Great Gatsby is going to bring back the skimmer.

Fashion was primed for this with the return of bow ties and the trilby.

Add Leonardo shake and pour. Straw Boater trend starting in 3, 2, 1 . . .

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