Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finest Dandy Of January

Earlier in the month when I posted Ray Frensham's picks for the 15 stylish men of the moment, several commenters suggested that we left some obvious choices off the list. That inspired me to have a monthly community-based feature where we can nominate and choose a stylish guy of the month. On the last Tuesday of each month our Facebook friends can "nominate" someone for the Finest Dandy Of ________ (the given month). To nominate simply post a photo of your nominee on our Facebook wall with a line or two about him and why you're nominating him. Self nominations are fine. The voting process will be based on the number of comments from unique commenters each nominee receives (if a commenter makes 8 comments, that only counts as one vote). The next day we'll post the results on Facebook and the blog.

And the Finest Dandy Of January (based on the response to his nomination on Facebook) is... Ray Frensham! Fitting, I'd say. Do you "like" us on Facebook?
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Mark Davids said...

Congratulations Ray Frensham

Gentleman's Gazette said...

Congrats Ray, you are simply a unique personality and dandy!

Regards, le.gentleman

Ray Frensham said...

Gentlemen, thank you - you really are too kind.

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