Thursday, May 28, 2009

New School Dandy Profile: Shadi Jurdi

Over the past several months we have been introduced to many amazing people through our Facebook fan page. With this post we continue a regular series of profiles of New School Dandies. This week we feature Shadi Jurdi of the blog Haute Campus.

Where did you grow up? Well I was born in Pasadena, and throughout the years slowly moved further and further from Los Angeles. So no one place in particular, but on the outskirts of LA.

Where do you live now? In the San Bernardino County. About 40 minutes from LA.

Where do you go to school? I am currently at Mt. San Antonio College, it’s the biggest community college here in California, but I plan to transfer to UCLA in a year.

What are you studying? I am a student studying communications, I also write for my school magazine Substance, and I intern for Katy Rodriguez on Melrose.

When did you establish your personal style? Was there a pivotal moment? How has it changed? I guess my personal style started developing when I started high school, but my style is constantly evolving. What I wear now is different from what I wore 2 years ago, and will most likely continue to change.

How would you describe your style? I’m the kid who always dressed up for everything (my mom jokes about how I would get dressed up for summer camp while all the other kids were dirty and miskept). I have this philosophy of always looking your best no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, because you just never know who or what the day can bring. I like classic and clean shapes, a neutral pallet with a bold splash of color somewhere.

What are your sources of inspiration? I think my biggest source of inspiration would be the sixties. Although there was such a dramatic shift in culture and politics, people were still finding ways to have fun, and you can see that in the way they dressed.

Who is your style icon? I don’t really have one. There are people I admire for the contributions they’ve made like Hedi Slimane and how he changed the way we look at men’s fashion (he comes into the studio where I work every now and then…someday I’ll get introduced). I also like Ezra Koeing of Vampire Weekend; I flipped out over a pair of paisley print shorts he wore when I saw them perform once, he has the coolest style!

What are your preferred dandy reading materials? Well I subscribe to Details, and I also love Paper magazine.

Do you have a favorite website? I love Kwannam Chu’s We Could Grow Up Together, lookbook, Pink is the New Blog, and of course, The Sartorialist.

What is your favorite personal item (non-clothing/accessories)? I don’t really have any emotional attachments to things, I guess if anything I would say my collectors edition of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, since it’s the rarest Harry Potter book in circulation. I am a Huge HP dork, but to me I think it benchmarks my childhood, I started reading in the third grade, and the series ended right after my senior year of high school.

What is your favorite clothing article or accessory? I would say my Marc Jacobs watch I bought myself for Christmas a few years ago. It has a very simple black leather band, but the face is pretty big. I guess it kind of represents my style, classic but fun.

Where is your favorite or dream vacation spot? Favorite spot is San Diego. Dream spot would be Salamanca, Spain. I also spent a week in Lake Powell last summer, which was amazing.

Tell us the best kept secret in your city. Well its the next city over but I love going to the Claremont Village. It’s a quite little college town outside of the Claremont Colleges with amazing restaurants, and my favorite bakery Some Crust (I get my birthday cake there every year).

What would you be doing ten years from now? Hopefully either doing fashion PR, or writing and doing editorial work for a major fashion publication. I am fascinated with the magazine industry and hope to find my way in soon!

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potentially meeting hedi slimane, im jealous!

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