Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dandy New Year!

What a year it's been! So much has happened in the last 365 days. As we look forward in great anticipation of the year to come, it's the perfect opportunity to say thank you. Thank you to our friends who have been so supportive of our new venture. Thank you to our customers for taking a chance on our unheard-of, little shop. Thank you to our fans and friends on facebook, myspace, and twitter. Thank you to the readers of our blog. Thank you to our suppliers for sharing our excitement and working with our tiny, new shop. And thank you to the bloggers for helping us get the word out: Refinery 29, Justin Plus One, Anthem, Bunny Tomerlin, Check Your Cuffs, Annie Spandex, Add Bubbles To Taste, Valet Mag, Bon Bon Atelier, Eubie Panache, Male Style Review, The San Francisco Examiner, Industribolaget, The Fashionisto, Time Out New York, Paolo Savi, The Glamorous Man, Swank, The Frisky, The Steel Closet, The Fader, Fleur De-licious, Concrete Commentary, Daily Candy, The Professional Vegan, The Barbarian Group, All Plaidout, Stylehive, What I Saw Today, The Preppy Pauper, Mr. Peacock, The Cablog, SwipeLife, Chestnut Orange, The Charming Dandy, Beauty Parler, Glam Man, TNSIL, The Dandy, The Choosy Beggar, Dandysme, Boutique Flair, Rectis.

Thank you and here's to the dandiest 2009!

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Freddy Style said...

hi dandy^^
i am from freddy style

Ca said...

Happy New Year! said...

Hi Freddy Style. And Happy New Year to you too Ca!

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