Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dandies On TV: The Young Gents Of Gossip Girl

This post is long in coming. I had to do it. The young prep-school guys of the CW's Gossip Girl are very new-school-dandy. Particularly the character Chuck Bass, played by Ed Westwick. From the private school uniform neck tie, to the pocket squares, bow ties, and cravats, these guys have to take partial responsibility for the dandy revival amongst the hip, under-20's crowd.


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The Concrete Commentator said...

yeah.. love it.

Scott Fazzini said...

I've never watched that show, seems like I should NetFlix it. I love the last to outfits!

-Great blog!

Ray Frensham said...

Don't forget, even though he has an impeccable US accent, Ed Westwick is a British actor.... must be something of the ironic flair that he brings to the wearing of his outfits.

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