Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dandies Online: The Dandy Portraits By Rose Callahan

Rose Callahan contacted us just over a year ago. She had stumbled upon our shop site and blog and thought we might want to collaborate. Rose is a portrait photographer and has been shooting dandies with the eventual goal of a book or gallery show. We immediately clicked and agreed that she would shoot the gentleman living in NYC for our New School Dandy Profiles. In December Rose started posting some of the dandy photos on a dedicated blog: The Dandy Portraits. Below are some highlights. Of course we couldn't be more excited about this project. Any book publishers or gallery curators out there?

 Raymond Chu in Chinatown, NYC, April 2010

 Doran at home in San Francisco, May 2009

Jose Lemus in the Sportsmen's Lodge in LA, Oct 2010

Lord Whimsy at home, April 2008 

Mr. Burton at his home in Queens, June 2010 

Michael Andrew in front of an abandoned church, Harlem, Nov 2010
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