Monday, November 15, 2010

Dandy Advertising: Necktie Tyler, The Blind Tie Salesman

Today's ebay find, fresh from the mailbox: Necktie Tyler, The Blind Tie Salesman (who actually happened to be blind), a necktie offer from 1927. It was essentially a mail order business in which the ties were blindly (pun intended) sent to potential customers. The receiver of the package then either returned the ties or kept them and remitted $1.25 for the four ties in the enclosed envelope. A few thoughts. First, imagine mailing merchandise unsolicited and trusting folks to either pay for them or return them. Second, $1.25 for four ties? And not only that, the offer included a coupon for a free razor! Third, it's interesting that this businessman actually used his blindness as part of his pitch at a time when people with disabilities weren't treated very well. I must say, this is one of the stranger things I've found on ebay!

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