Monday, June 8, 2009

What The Man Will Wear: The Swallowtail Coat

I have a collection of Broadway theatre programs from the turn of the century (the 19th century, that is). One thing I love about them is the column "What The Man Will Wear". The fact that space was dedicated to dapper men's style is such a clear indicator of how times have changed. With this first of a new series, I share some wise words from this fantastically-dandy column. The following quote from the October 1, 1924 column speaks about the formal swallowtail coat: "Where should the swallowtail coat be worn? It is correct at virtually every function for which the tuxedo is assumed - for dining out; for the semi-formal dance; at the play. Only the swallowtail is permissible at the evening wedding; at the ceremonious dance; at the ceremonious dinner, whether public or private; upon every occasion that women attend, gowned en grande ceremonie."

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