Friday, April 10, 2009

Dandies On TV: Ryan Seacrest Part 2

Several weeks ago I blogged about Ryan Seacrest and the placement of his tie bar on an episode of American Idol. I've been noticing that the blog has been getting a lot of hits from the google search "Ryan Seacrest Tie Bar". So I just googled it myself and found that Seacrest has been tweeting quite a bit about ties bars:

"I'm bringing back tie bars. You heard it here first. Just bought a new one this weekend. from web."

"Tie bar or pocket square tomorrow on idol? from web."

"Tie bar it is from TwitterBerry."

"Tie bar fell off just before show open haha...I put it on a few mins into the show. Oops. from TwitterBerry. "

Although he's overreaching a bit in taking credit for the tie bar revival, we appreciate Seacrest's seemingly new dandy dedication.

And then I found some online comments:

"Ooh, The Year You Were Born! That takes the sting off not being able to see Ryan's tie bar that he's been obsessing about all day on twitter."

"With the lights down low, the drum beats throbbing in the background, Ryan Seacrest is rockin' a black suit, tie and one of my Dad's 80's tie bars. Nice."

"@RyanSeacrest I liked your pink phase better than your tie bar phase. : )"

"Ryan Seacrest is making 2009 the year of the tie bar. Loving it!"

The internet is abuzz about Ryan Seacrest's tie bar!

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