Friday, April 3, 2009

Dandies In Print: The New English Dandy

In the middle of my always-growing pile of books by my bed, awaiting to be read, I found The New English Dandy, a coffee table pictorial book by Alice Cirolini. This collection of diverse photos ranges from the traditional in a chapter entitled "The Gentleman" to a young man in rolled up trousers covered in red tape, a three-button pin stripe suit jacket cut raggedly on the bottom, high tops, and a police helmet in a chapter entitled "New Briton". And a lot in between those extremes. Definitely some looks reimagining my idea of the New-School Dandy.
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1 comment:

-h said...

a purple 3 piece suit. always reminds me of The Joker, and that's not a bad thing by the way.

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