Friday, February 6, 2009

Dandies In Print: Jocks And Nerds

At a recent visit to J. Crew in the Flatiron District, I noticed their collection of out-of-print books, all of which somehow related to men's style. I made a mental note of a few and immediately searched eBay for some more affordable alternatives. One of those books was Jocks And Nerds: Men's Style In The Twentieth Century by Richard Martin and Harold Koda. The 1989 coffee table pictorial book identifies twelve "male identities" including the jock, the nerd, and of course, the dandy. I'm not sure about the jock, but if only I knew in 1989 how cool it was to be a nerd...

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Paul Pincus said...

one of my favourite books. martin and koda were a great team at the metropolitan museum! things changed so much at the costume institute when martin sadly passed away in 1999.

this book is a real classic.

cheers, -paul

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