Sunday, May 15, 2011

If Men Spent Half As Much For Clothes As Women

From the July 6, 1921 issue of the menswear trade magazine Chicago Apparel Magazine I found the article "If Men Spent Half As Much For Clothes As Women". The article looks at several occasions of dress for a man and a woman, comparing what the man would spend vs. the woman, and then making the point that men generally get more wear out of a given outfit compared to women (a man usually gets much more wear out of a suit than a woman does out of a dress). The article ends with the statement "Imagine how much better men of all classes would be dressed if they spent as much money for their wearing apparel as their wives do, or even if they consistently spent half as much".

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Newburgh Restoration said...

I'm surprised at how expensive those prices are, even for the 20's! said...

I thought the same thing! And the article makes the assumption that the household income is $25,000 which is also very high for the 20's!

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