Sunday, April 3, 2011

What The Man Will Wear: Monograms

During a visit to Paris last year I wandered into a sock shop and purchased a green pair with large purple dots. Although the socks were beautiful, the ultimate selling point was that the shop offered a monogram service at a nominal price. Those socks are now a favorite of mine, particularly because of the monogram. I was so impressed with the concept that I've wanted to offer it as a service through our shop and it's been on my list to explore purchasing the machinery (out-sourcing doesn't seem to be cost-effective).

So I was terribly amused when I came across the subject of monogramming socks in the "What The Man Will Wear" column in the May 1916 New Amsterdam Theatre program. "The Monogram Habit is as stealthy as a lasso. Before you know it, you are roped, thrown and branded. You start with one on your shirt-sleeve and perhaps another on your handkerchief. By-and-by, unless you are 21, of sound mind, and living with your parents, you break out into an eruption of monograms right down to your hose-tops, as shown here"... "Of course, a monogram on hose-tops makes you rock with laughter. It is paraded here merely as an example of what a straight-jacket was intended to prevent." What do you monogram?
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