Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dandies In Print: The New York Times

In today's New York Times David Colman writes about the influence of late 19th century haberdashery in contemporary menswear.  "As with home design, where curio cases, taxidermy and other stylish clutter of the Victorian era have been taken up by young hipsters, many of today’s popular men’s styles have their roots in the late 19th century. There are the three-piece suits once favored by mustachioed Gilded Age bankers; the military greatcoats and boots of Union officers; and the henley undershirts, suspenders, plaid flannel shirts and stout drill trousers worn by plain, honest farmers."  Accompanying Colman's article is a slideshow of tintype photographs shot for the Times by David Sokosh.  Our favorites are below.

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The People's Business said...

Notice the collar in the last picture - we LOVE club collars!

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