Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dandies In Print: Reading List

The following are in my dandy book pile, each in various stages of having been read:

Clothes And The Man by Alan Flusser
Cary Grant - A Celebration Of Style by Richard Armani
What A Man Should Know - Volume 1 by Max Blagg
A Well-Dressed Gentleman's Pocket Guide by Oscar Lenius
Jocks And Nerds by Richard Martin and Harold Koda
A Man's Book by Jane Waller
Mr. Classic by Jeremy Hackett
The New English Dandy by Alice Cicolini
Brooks Brothers - Generations Of Style by John William Cooke
ABC Of Men's Fashion by Hardy Amies
The Official Preppy Handbook by Lisa Birnbach
Men's Fashion - The Complete Sourcebook by John Peacock
The Handbook Of Style by Esquire Magazine
Nordstrom Guide To Men's Style by Tom Julian
The Style Bible by James Bassil
Dressing The Man by Alan Flusser
Dressing Right by Charles Hix
The Elegant Man by Riccardo & Giuliano Angeli
Men's Style by Russell Smith
Details Men's Style Manual
Fred Astaire Style by G. Bruce Boyer
The Suit by Nicholas Antongiavanni
Gentleman - A Timeless Fashion by Bernhard Roetzel
A Privileged Life by Susanna Salk

I've probably missed a few that are tucked away. Any recommendations to add to my pile?

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Anonymous said...

Can you name top 3 must-to-have?

Charles Henry said...

Anonymous, a few favorites: Mr. Classic, Men's Fashion - The Complete Sourcebook, and The Elegant Man.

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