Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finding Dandy: Governors Island

Yesterday we enjoyed another trip to Governors Island for the last Jazz Age Lawn Party of the season. It was a gorgeous day, the attendance was by far the best we've seen, and the gents didn't disappoint.

When we introduced ourselves to Ryan he told us our blog is on his Google Reader!

We loved Ryan's watch and chain.

We've been wanting a pair of plus fours.


This guy tore up the dance floor.

Adam received his letter sweater for running at Columbia. We joked with him that if he took his eyes off it too long it might find its way into our bag.

Voon, a regular at the event.

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stephanie said...

Awesome photos! What an outstanding event it was. My only comment is that the first gent you labeled as Adam is actually Ryan. He's the man with the pocket watch and you on his google reader. :)

Charles Henry said...

Oops! Thanks for the correction Stephanie!

Mark Davids said...

beautiful 1920's '30 styles

Rose said...

The gents did not disappoint! You picked out some great looks. I wish I could have made it out!

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